An insight into the beneficial world of team outing

In today’s fast-paced and overly competitive work environment with mounting pressures and short deadlines, it is only natural that one would want to escape every now and then. So how do the employers manage to keep their staff content and make sure that they work at an optimal level through it all? The answer lies in team outing, a recreational learning experience that is beneficial for both the employee and the organisation.

The importance of team outing:

Oracle corporate team outing with Trebound

While team outings do entail a refreshing break from the routine of office life, it offers so much more…

Employee engagement

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Employee engagement enables more productive and high-quality work, thus directly impacting the growth of the company. Reports back this too, stating that organisations that have an enhanced level of employee engagement were more likely to witness an increase in sales and profit. This is where a team outing comes extremely handy as it fosters employee engagement through the various activities and programs which challenge them physically as well as mentally. The carefully curated activities inspire creativity, builds trust among the members, teaches them to face challenges as well as work as a team.

Breaking barriers and opening the doors of communication

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Team off-sites are highly effective in breaking barriers, as all kinds of hierarchies are tossed out of the window during the program. Members across positions work in tandem to reach one common goal of acing the activity at hand. The doors of communication are opened (something that is important in order to have processes in place) and this gets carried on to the workspace as well. This distinctly facilitates a stronger team and heightens productivity, bringing about an overall benefit.

Inspiring creativity and helping one overcome fears

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The challenging activities conducted during outings forces employees to think, analyse and channel their creativity to come up with solutions. This, in turn, develops problem-solving skills, inspires creativity at work and builds confidence. Team off-sites take employees out of their comfort zone where they perform despite their concerns or weaknesses. This can translate into staff members being more receptive towards ideas they might have considered as risks before, thus encouraging innovation.

Team bonding and encouragement of workplace collaboration

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Team off-site programs conduct several team bonding activities where members have to forget their differences and work towards a common goal. During the activities, they understand each other’s strengths, weaknesses as well interests and leverage each other’s strong suits to make their project a success. This understanding aids fruitful workplace collaboration which is vital to the progress of the company.

How the venues for team outing makes all the difference…

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The power of learning outside of the confines of the classroom is well documented. One of the major pulls of team off-sites is the venues for team outing. Let’s face it, we all need a break from the routine to come back to work refreshed and rejuvenated. The salubrious settings, be it in well-appointed resorts, on top of a hill, by the riverside or in the midst of nature offers the ideal stress-free environment that helps the employee relax and unwind unlike in the office premises. In this relaxed state of mind that the employee lets go of his/her inhibitions and is more receptive to the programs. The teachings naturally get embedded into the mind of the candidates, enabling them effortlessly incorporate them in the workplace as well.

To top that, the venues provide an informal platform for the personnel across various departments and hierarchies to get to know each other and bond. The comradeship formed at the team off-site reflects in the office as well, increasing employee productivity and overall contentment.

Team outing training and programs

Some of the different types of training and programs that can be conducted in a team outing are:

Corporate Training

Corporate training gives primary focus to professional development, enabling employees to improve their skill sets as well as deliver an enhanced performance. Especially in the recent past, companies have woken up to the importance of this, understanding that it is an essential tool for employees (and thereby the company) to survive in a highly competitive market.

Employers avail of corporate training for several reasons, to let the new employees adjust to the workforce, equip the current ones with new skills as well as promote staff members into jobs that necessitate different skill sets. Some of the added advantages that come out of this training include increased loyalty as well as employee satisfaction and retention.

The informal setting of a team outing works in sync with corporate training goals as employees are more relaxed and open to learning.

L&D Programs (Learning and Development Programs)

L&D programs (Learning and Development Programs) play a vital role in aligning corporate training with the business goals and objectives of the company. The program is designed in such a manner that the right skills are developed for the right profile. It involves developing management skills and imparts employee with expertise that matches the company’s requirement. This results in improved skills, enhanced leadership performances, coherence between the teams and business commitments and overall employee satisfaction.

The L&D programs executed during team outings are innovative and impactful where employees can seamlessly transfer their new learnings into their workplace when they return.

OD Interventions (Organisational Development Intervention)

OD Interventions are planned activities designed to increase the knowledge, functioning and effectiveness of employees in order to accomplish a favourable output. It offers an opportunity for the company as well as the personnel to reach their best potential.

One of the main components of OD Interventions includes allowing employees to function as human beings rather than mere resources. It gives members a thorough understanding of the organisation’s core attributes, climate, deep rooted values and strategies.

Team outings set the perfect ground for conducting team building activities that influence the employee and enhance their overall performance.

Skilled Training

The key to workplace success, skilled training is a major growth enabler for the company as well as employees. It entails increasing the productivity of the members and developing specific skill sets that add value to the organisation. The program augments the potential of the staff members and betters the organisation’s efficiencies in the personnel’s particular sphere of influence, resulting in long-term profits.

The ingenious programs of team outings are designed to identify the potential and requirement of the employee as well as organisation and provide training to develop those particular skills.

What we do at Trebound:

Making amazing team experiences possible, Trebound is a one stop solution for all of your team outing requirements. We provide all of the above services through our strong network of experts who have successfully executed team building and training programs in the past. Our professional trainers with their years of experience have a deep insight into human behaviour in the corporate environment.

Trebound’s innovative and out of the box approach enables employees and well as employers discover their true potential. Our programs are highly interactive and based on experiential learning. They are curated by the best in the industry and are custom made as per the client requirements. And most importantly, we at Trebound make the entire team outing experience a fun, adventurous and interesting one.

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We specialise in building memorable experiences that delight, fascinate & touch hundreds of people. Team building, Corporate team outing, Team Engagement & more

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We specialise in building memorable experiences that delight, fascinate & touch hundreds of people. Team building, Corporate team outing, Team Engagement & more