Busting Myths About Motivation- What Leaders Should Know

Are You A Leader Trying To Motivate Your Employees?

1. Having work is motivation enough

Wishful thinking, to say the least!

2. Only Incentives, offers are a factor of motivation

The myth that money is a cure for everything, that it is an easy way to solve problems, especially for raising morale, takes its root in managerial practices.

3. Fear Is a Great Way to Inspire Motivation

Leaders who try to hold people accountable through fear may not realize while doing it. Or, if they’re doing it intentionally, they may try to argue that fear gets things done. The truth is, using fear as a driving force provides only short-term motivation and causes frustration in employees.

4. You don’t need to recognize or appreciate good performances

You are treating the same way you would either it be a bad employee or a good one.

5. Flexible work timings and remote work diverts employees and harms productivity

Some companies may be hesitant to initiate flexible hours or work-from-home policies, but according to a study, 81% of employees say this kind of flexibility is vital. They want to work in an environment that is best for them, which will inevitably boost productivity.



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