How collaboration makes a successful team?
5 min readJul 28, 2020

The pandemic has caused the sudden incline of remote working and almost everyone is getting adjusted to it. Remote working is a great deal of comfort because you can create an environment at home that suits you the best and everyone likes wearing their pyjamas to work!

When it comes to virtual team building, though, there have to be a lot of things considered. Working independently has its hurdles too, but teamwork factors in a lot of other requirements, and some of those things need to be compromised compared to working in an actual office. The paramount component of teamwork that has been the most impacted by the pandemic is collaboration.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people — Steve Jobs

Communication and collaboration are pivotal parts of virtual teams that can turn the tables either way. They are the roots of the inner workings of virtual team building and if uprooted, the whole team will collapse. One needs to heavily rely on collaborating and brainstorming with their coworkers because otherwise, there would be no coordination and the work done would be a cacophony of relentless chaos that would be too difficult to be resolved.

Successful teams are synonymous to good teamwork and for that to happen, there needs to be brainstorming, coordination, communication, and management which needs the attention of a team as a whole rather than the individual members that represent that team, even though each member is a valuable asset. Because what makes the team unique is not the individuality of each member, rather the solidarity they exhibit.

Here are the ways that collaboration leads to growth and success of remote teams:

Refurbishment of Seemingly Mundane Things

This is one of the lesser-known benefits but is nonetheless of equal importance. Team collaboration is the secret ingredient that perfects and garnishes the work done collectively by the members. And it isn’t just about members working together, it’s something more than that. Collaboration can get something trivial things polished — things like installing a new sales package — and it can transform the way that business is being done. Because you are not just installing something that you usually do, but you are doing it with a fresh and improved perspective.

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Impetus for Innovation

One of the most effective benefits of team collaboration is Innovation. Brainstorming sessions have given rise to the greatest ideas and when one is doing that collectively with a group of other people, then they are inevitable to always get great ideas that are out-of-the-box and fresh, something new or at least something creative. People suggest their insights and then improvise on those ideas that seem to stick and do the work in the most proficiently. One can never emphasize enough on how much innovation matters because it is the crux of a lot of successful companies and brands like Google and Apple.

Boost in productivity

Every individual in the team is unique and brings their own set of skills to the team. While collaborating, the skills and abilities of each individual are recognized and accordingly, the tasks are fairly distributed amongst each of them. This leads to a fair contribution of each of the employee doing what they best do and collectively, this leads to better results at the end of the task. In turn, productivity is inclined as the outcomes are more effective than they would have been in the absence of collaboration.

Increased Agility to Changes

The clients’ needs always keep varying and changing which can sometimes be very inconvenient due to the resulting changes that need to be established. But collaboration eases this transition. When all the teams in all the departments come together to solve an issue, they are all in the same place and same page. This prevents from a major loss of time that would have otherwise been wasted during the back and forth of information and ideas to be shared.

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Formation of a Foundation

When the members of the team interact and engage, they get to know each other better and a spirited camaraderie is created. Collaboration builds the work culture and gives the employees more direction. Due to the involvement of each member, they feel a part of something and when there is an accomplishment, one feels a greater sense of achievement due to the amalgamation. There is a sense of belonging, something that humans have always been craving.

Collaboration sets a base, a foundation, for something stronger and more wonderful.

Healthier Employees

Although this might seem a bit bizarre, collaboration is a great step towards improving the health of the employees. According to the Harvard Business Review, the solution to employee wellness is by creating a culture that thrives in collaboration and professionalism.

When you treat employees as a spoke in the wheel, they feel unimportant which can lead to a hike in the stress levels. But when the employees are a part of something bigger, they can see how they are making an impact on the team as a whole and how much their contribution is worth, it leads to happier and therefore healthier employees due to the reduced anxiety and stress.

It is proven that happy workers can increase their productivity by up to 20% more than the unhappy ones, and reasonably so.

Incline in Profitability

This is the end game. Collaboration works on the bottom line. Teamwork speeds up the processes and hence allows the company to produce better and faster. It leads to improved culture, boosted morale, healthier and happier employees, innovative products and increase in flexibility which makes it inevitable to have a better turnover. These factors are paramount in business and collaborative teamwork is something that helps with all of them and then some more.

We need collaboration now more than ever. Due to the pandemic, there’s an increased distance that is resulting in communication issues. The only heal to this wound is effective collaboration through virtual tools that can make a massive difference in the way that the work is being done in the absence of them.

Most workplaces have adapted such tools for the vitality of collaboration is now more apparent than ever. Virtual team building has an exigency for collaboration because that is the fuel that keeps the fire of a successful business alive.



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