How do you build high-performance virtual teams?

Building High-Performance Virtual Teams And the Best Way of Doing the Same

1. Virtual Team Building Games

High-performance teams have amazing coordination and are great at collaboration. And this is obtained by virtual team building games. Virtual team building games enable the team members to open up about themselves and this allows trust to be ensued. These activities form a strong unbreakable foundation in doing so.

2. Virtual Weekly Meetings

Keep virtual weekly meetings where everyone and each team is involved. This allows everyone to be updated about what is going on and also moves ahead collaboration by a notch. These meetings open the floor for allowing inputs and ideas to be shared and improvised through active conversation.

3. Keep Checking-In but Don’t Micromanage

As a manager, you need to keep checking in on what the employees have been doing. As you may already know, it’s essential to keep checking in on the employees and keep track of the work done and their progress. If you stop checking in, the team might feel less encouraged to continue at the same pace that they worked in.

4. Have monthly discourses

This is rather a great way to build a stronger and more efficient team. Discourses or thoughtful and insightful discussions are a great way of getting to know the other team members by knowing and acknowledging their thoughts and opinions about a general subject. It also enhances analytical and critical thinking which is of utmost importance in any work-related tasks.

5. Acknowledge and Reward Achievements

For anyone, it is important that their work is being recognized. No one likes to be underappreciated or taken for granted for all the work they put in and the loyalty to the company they display. When they think that they aren’t appreciated enough or that their work isn’t recognized, they would lose motivation to continue with the same vigour, put in fewer efforts and not work as efficiently as they once did. It’s common for them to start looking for another job.


These are some of the conventional and non-conventional ways in which you can achieve high performing teams. They are highly effective as they improve communication, collaboration, productivity and enhance analytical, critical and creative skills.



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