How Successful Leaders Use Adversity To Their Advantage
4 min readApr 1, 2020

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“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.”

- Napoleon Hill

The truth is that no one can escape adversity forever. Whether you love to live your life on the edge or are someone who prefers playing things safe, life will never be a garden of roses. It will inevitably and eventually throw unpleasant surprises and challenges in your direction.

The approach to adversity plays out in all walks of life and unfortunately, the most common response to adversity is to try and make it go away. The reality is that when you take away adversity you also take away one of the most important ingredients to greatness.

What makes leaders different are their strong values and principles, which they promptly fall back upon when faced with an adverse situation. Imbibe these principles in your life and you will see a remarkable increase in your self-confidence.

If you want to find a way to continue to grow and achieve a following in the hardest of times, read on. Here are six ways to keep your leadership composure alive during the toughest times-

1. Accept Your Present Situation

Dreaming is good, dreaming can help you look ahead in the future, but dreaming at the expense of not accepting your present can be depressing and contagious. Therefore, it is important to face your current condition, your troubles, your sorrows, and plan how you can make your life better by progressing forward.

When you find the definition of your life when faced with odds, your goals will matter here. If you fail in one, make a second one and try fulfilling it. Accept the condition you are in and be grateful.

2. Take Note Of All You’ve Been Through Already

They say what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. The hardships and misfortunes you have been through can give you confidence that you’re capable of handling whatever comes your way. You’ve been in tough times before. How did you overcome adversity at that time? What got yours through? Your past experiences can help you find your inner strength and resilience.

Keep a diary. You may find months later an offhand note and it can be overwhelming to see how much you have evolved through your experiences. It may not be immediately obvious at the time, so record your progress and ensure you can trace back to the things you have tried and what the results were.

3. Take Steps Towards The Betterment

Many react to their situations hastily and end up making other mistakes in life that they will eventually end up regretting. The best way to success in the face of adversity is to have the courage to take steps that will help your future get better, and see to it that you are committed to them. Unless you take the first step forward, you may feel dejected and low self-confidence will dampen your progress.

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4. Question Yourself And Find Answers

People are very hesitant to think over their troubles. If you keep on talking about your troubles, without pondering on them or why they arose in the first place, you might not be able to overcome them. Although it may be true that not every problem is a result or a consequence, some were always intended to happen, thinking over their meaning and what can be done to solve them can boost confidence.

Ask yourself what good you want to do today. What results do you want to achieve after solving your current problems? A personal reflection always helps to understand your worth and keeps your character in check.

5. Refuse To Give Up

To overcome a crisis, you ought to fully commit to finding a way forward. You must approach the problem with confidence and determination. This will create a mindset where you look at adversity as something to be overcome and solved, not passively accepted. Sometimes dilemmas and obstacles are a chance to create alternative paths, to dream bigger, to push forward and take even larger leaps.

6. Have A Purpose

Life tends to get tough but it helps to have a crystal-clear idea of why you’re doing what you’re doing. If you have purpose and passion for your goals, you’ll be motivated to keep pushing through until you’re successful. Sometimes things are bound to happen beyond your control, and that can knock the wind out of your sails. But if you’re working on something meaningful to you, you’ll always find a way back to it.

When something is important to you, you’ll be driven to continue pursuing your dreams.

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