How To Ensure Employee Engagement And Commitment In An Organization?

Ideas To Ensure Employee Engagement And Commitment In An Organization

1. Appreciation, recognition and celebrations

If you want your team members to work at their optimal best and you expect them to keep performing at the same level, month after month and year after year, then it is your utmost duty to ensure that you appreciate the hard work and pinpoint names who have put in their best, publicly, in front of not only the team but also your bosses. One can use the internet and IT systems to do this in the most economical manner. An email from the HR mentioning the person and his work is a great way to appreciate and recognize the performance of the top worker.

2. Ensuring a healthy work and corporate culture

Laidback attitude of the top and the middle management will drive a sloppy and indifferent work culture and if the bosses tend to work late hours, employees will also start to do so in order to impress their bosses but many of them will do it in a disgruntled manner and will not be quite happy about it.

3. Personal development

Employees, young or old, love to be mentored, trained and tutored because this they believe will lead to their personal growth and development. Hence, a corporation that focuses on the training-related parameters of its employees, at all levels, will be able to drive better output and performance from the employees.

4. Giving greater freedom

Restrictions of any type will only lead to demotivating the workers and the staff. Making employees accountable and giving them the freedom to work, whether it be in the expression of their creative talents or as basic as the dress code of the office, rules need to be relaxed so that employees are not suffocated with strict and disciplinary regulations. While there needs to be rules and regulations in every corporate environment, relaxing them and making them employee-friendly wherever possible can lead to building the trust of the employees that directly affects the employee engagement rates.

5. Corporate off-sites

While training activities are crucial to develop and enhance skills — hard and soft — of employees, giving them space and the chance to know each other at personal levels is also a good way to enhance the bonding, communication and team spirit in employees.



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