Is corporate team building necessary for an organization?

Is corporate team building necessary for an organization? Answering the most sought after HR dilemma!

Team building activities are designed to bring the workgroups together and achieve successful cohesiveness between them. These activities may include coaching, group discussion sessions or shared learning opportunities to ensure the pooling of the key talent. For this support from top management along with suitable financial investments are a must for the attainment of overall strategic plans.

Corporate team building activities are therefore the new buzzword doing the circles of local organizational grapevine. Taking in view the high-pressure environment of the corporate world, the rising employee attrition rates and downward spiraling motivation, Employee engagement plans, and team building activities are central to the overall business success. For a business is truly defined by its people their view to the achievement of the corporate goals.

The need for corporate team building

Corporate offsite, as well as the team building activities, are designed to brainstorm and yield out the synergy. Clearly, the offsite meetings are lengthy talks about the future strategy, mission, tactical values, etc. These are brainstorming sessions designed to bring the team closer and aid in decision making, as well as the team building activities. With quick implementation the following day, these meetings are an extremely important part of organization growth.

With a goal to improve team cohesiveness and productivity, these initiatives allow employees to seek professional and personal settlement opportunities. By bringing them to these activities, the personal barriers, distractions and political issues are resolved amicably. The benefits of such activities are highly appreciated for the company’s growth curve and this is why leading corporate are incorporating these methods into their core training curriculum.

Further, corporate team building is important to ensure that employee motivation and morale are sustained. Nobody likes a conflict-laden workplace.

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Benefits of the team building initiatives

Corporate team building plans help strengthen the organisational structure. The process is also known to polish the negotiation and communication skills.

Further, the initiatives are known to boost employee planning, problem-solving skills and self-achievement goal setting. An employee feels refreshed and ready for the new challenges.

These activities are useful for creating the right organisation environment and networking framework for the quick response to the organisational tasks. Here, co-working spaces prove to be highly appreciated methods of promoting the harmony between the employees.

Corporate bonding is an important element of business growth and development as -

  • It develops team spirit and sense of belongingness to the organization
  • Likewise, employee productivity improves
  • Increases employee retention
  • Boosts sense of corporate Citizenship
  • Improves the leadership outcomes
  • Removes personal and professional barriers
  • Promotes a clear definition of the process and goals
  • Identification of the team’s strength and weakness profile

From the looks of these activities, they seem like an everyday game yet are essentially designed to achieve a particular purpose. Therefore, companies need to be aware that the required goals of these activities are achieved completely by concerned officials.

Perhaps this is the reason for the increased investment in the above process.

Corporate in-house team building

Importantly, the success of an enterprise lies in the collective action of the team members. However, the shift in culture, workforce diversity and changing employee expectations make the Employee engagement and team building a difficult process. Employees today, come from international recruitment pool and may speak different languages. There exist numerous on-site and off-site team-building activities along with varied budget needs. These activities are designed to help provide employees with a healthy team-building plan that is available for use on the job.

By encouraging participants to the team-building plans, the organisation actually invites them to the inclusive corporate environment. This diverse workforce finds itself making connections and understanding each other better. By boosting the connection between the employees, we indirectly augment our best outcomes. People understand what makes others different from each other and gives them support for achieving the best results.

Obviously, to create a strong corporate bond, the feeling of Mutual trust and respect is important. Team building activities are designed to offer instant progress on this front. Undoubtedly, the best organisations have the best engaged and motivated teams.

Likewise, people tend to be more creative around the people they are comfortable with. This may be partly because of the synergy between the employees and understanding that the team is there for them.

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Problems with the progress

The major cause of failure to the team building activities are the reason that these are treated as a one-time process rather than a comprehensive plan. This, the employees learn and subsequently forget the key lessons. The challenge for human resources is to constantly create such opportunities for people to adapt to the scenario. The larger workplaces understand the importance of having an everyday collaboration rather than one-time team development opportunity. This is why they are able to redefine themselves as the centers of excellence.

On the other hand, critics believe that the consistency of such efforts bring more of a huddle rather than advantage to the business. However, it must be noted that a particular time each day can be reserved for assembly and celebrating the day’s achievements. It’s a powerful way to learn about people and their dreams, as well as to generate ideas for future team-building activities.

Measuring the results

Previously, human resource managers rued the lack of performance metrics to measure the impact of team building activities on employee motivation and morale. However, with the advent of new technology, the outcomes of the above-mentioned programs have become easy to evaluate. These can be further corroborated with the outcomes of the weekly or monthly performance appraisal, rate of employee absenteeism and even the workplace happiness assessment report.


Corporate team activities are one of the important methods to achieve employee loyalty and corporate bonding. Furthermore, these activities are important to boost the overall organizational health. Alternatively, the activities ensure that organizational conflicts stay to the minimal. Likewise, trust for the leader increases resulting in better efficiency and individual development. Hence, not only is the corporate team building is important for the company but also for its long term strategic growth. For, happy employees bring healthy results.




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We specialise in building memorable experiences that delight, fascinate & touch hundreds of people. Team building, Corporate team outing, Team Engagement & more