What Are The Challenges Faced By Virtual Teams And How To Overcome Them?

A Guide To Overcome The Challenges Faced By Virtual Teams

Challenges faced by the virtual team and tips to overcome them

Let’s examine the problems your organization encounters with virtual teams and how you can overcome them.

1. Differences in Communication

Communication is key in any workplace — especially one where most interaction is occurring via email, chat and calls. You should implement close attention to relationship-building and ensure good communication between the team.

2. Lack of Structure

If you look at a traditional team, if someone is 5 minutes late for a meeting, it’s easy to give that person the benefit of the doubt as you assume they’re just completing their work or maybe running a few minutes behind. But now, consider a virtual team. If someone is 5 minutes late for a conference call, the other attendees, who may be scattered all over the world, don’t know what’s going on and are floating in cyberspace waiting.

  • Checking email constantly and responding to emails as quickly as you can, and always within 24 hours
  • Following to meeting and event schedules whenever conceivable
  • Sending a meeting plan to members 48 hours before the meeting so everybody has a chance to prepare

3. Trust

Trust is key in any work environment. When your team members trust you, they believe they’re working toward a shared vision, so team engagement and collaboration happen naturally. But it’s tough won in a situation where face-to-face interaction is a rarity. A shared collaborative spirit, mission, and strategic team building can help instil trust in your team members.

4. A lack of office culture

This task can be a tricky one to accomplish. It’s tough to make an office alike culture for your virtual team. Teammates may go days without “talking” to each other and it’s likely that they’ll never meet in person.

5. Managing Disputes

If you’re handling a virtual team, you’ll witness that the collaboration and sharing between team members with various backgrounds and cultural differences often lead to perspectives that foster innovation and growth.



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